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Nielsen Studie: How social networks are creating a potentially transformational change in consumer behaviour

March 9, 2009 |  by  |  eBusiness  |  Comments Off on Nielsen Studie: How social networks are creating a potentially transformational change in consumer behaviour


Ganz Interessant zu beobachten, wie die “Groundswell” jetzt auch durch Deutschland spült. Die aktuelle Nielsen Studie zeigt deutlich, die unaufhaltsame Entwicklung. Willkommen im “Age of Engage”.

Consumer engagement within social
networks has the potential to change
the way consumers are targeted, not
just through the digital medium, but
through all forms of traditional media.
Whilst a few billion dollars of ad revenue
can’t be wrong, the prevailing wisdom is
that the current level of advertising
activity on social networks isn’t
consummate with the size and highly
engaged levels of the audience.

Die Entwicklung der unterschiedlichen Ansätze von Facebook und MySpace in 2009 soll Aufschluss bringen:

The industry is faced with a real Catch-22
situation. Part of Facebook’s extraordinary
subscriber growth is due to a clean
design with little advertising clutter;
consequently, the audience growth
hasn’t been accompanied by a similar
surge in advertising revenue. On the
other hand, MySpace’s more customisable
entertainment and content-oriented
offering carrying more advertising
has been more successful at attracting
advertising revenue, yet MySpace’s
audience is flattening. The industry will
be watching very closely at which one of
these fundamental differences in strategy
will prove the most successful in
attracting advertising revenue in 2009.

Face(book) Time: 150 MIO User in 5 Jahren – das Handy brauchte dafür fast drei mal so lange

March 5, 2009 |  by  |  eBusiness  |  1 Comment

Zuckerberg’s not interested in selling to Microsoft; he wants to build the next Microsoft. And with 175 million “friends,” he’s off to a helluva start.


Keine Sättigung in Sicht – ganz im Gegenteil: 5 MIO neue User jede Woche.


Die komplette Cover Story aus der aktuellen Fortune Ausgabe ist ein journalistisches Highlight und hier frei im Internet zu lesen.


Nur das allein wäre zu wenig für Facebook und so ist in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Economist ebenfalls ein sehr interessanter Artikel mit dem Titel “Primates on Facebook“.

Thus an average man “one with 120 friends” generally responds to the postings of only seven of those friends by leaving comments on the posting individual’s photos, status messages or wall. An average woman is slightly more sociable, responding to ten. When it comes to two-way communication such as e-mails or chats, the average man interacts with only four people and the average woman with six. Among those Facebook users with 500 friends, these numbers are somewhat higher, but not hugely so. Men leave comments for 17 friends, women for 26. Men communicate with ten, women with 16.

Hier wird die Dunbar Number aufgegriffen – wie viele Freunde kann unser Gehirn vertragen? Spannend auch die Frage, welchen Einfluss digitale Freunde auf die Größe des realen Freundeskreis haben: demnach keinen?